Privacy Policy

The website visitor, by visiting TheOttomans or buying a product, is considered to have clearly accepted the terms of use and privacy policy as well as all the current laws, regulations and legislations related to the use of this website.


"TheOttomans": It includes LuckyEye Bilgisayar Tanıtım Hizmetleri Yayıncılık ve Ticaret A.Ş., www.TheOttomans.com on-line internet site and the virtual shop.

"The Visitor": It refers to the person who visits www.TheOttomans.com and/or buys a ticket.

"The Service": It refers to the transaction of the Visitor's buying a ticket via TheOttomans.

"Service Fee": Considering some activities within the agreements made, it refers to the amount, which is collected from the visitor in the form of a fee added to the ticket sale price available at the ticket window and which would be received for the services already provided by TheOttomans.

TheOttomans's Terms of Use and Privacy

When TheOttomans website is visited, non-personal information about the visit may be collected and recorded. The data such as the date and duration of the visit, visited pages and outgoing pages from the website would be used to do the necessary statistical analysis for improving the services provided at the website.

Although our website is open for the use of all visitors, its certain sections can be followed and participated only by the members. It is required to make a member login to use these sections.

Personal Information

TheOttomans aims at being an intermediary for the visitors to reach our museums, which host the cultural heritage of Turkey, contributing to the recognition of TheOttomans (LuckyEye) and selling the products of traditional handicrafts and of modern design in the museum shops. TheOttomans may request personal information during the membership transactions for the purpose of determining the visitors' profile accurately and responding to their needs quickly. That information would never be shared with any other person or institution but would be used in offering news and activities in accordance with visitors' area of interests in addition to letting them be informed about the changes and activities in the website. Sharing of that personal information and website membership is performed by the request and approval of the visitor. The visitor may update her/his personal information on the website as s/he wishes. The Visitor is responsible for the accuracy of the membership information.

Rights of Modification

TheOttomans reserves its right to modify its terms of use and privacy policies in accordance with the changing conditions. Once these additions, modifications, arrangements or cancellations are declared, they would be announced on TheOttomans.com in addition to sending notices by benefiting the most efficient methods regarding the information that the visitor provided during the registration. Therefore, the visitor must provide accurate information during the registration so as to send notifications to the interest of the visitor. Otherwise, every kind of responsibility belongs to the visitor. The visitor, by using TheOttomans, would also be considered to have accepted these possible changes and arrangements.

Age Restriction

According to the international internet laws, it is restricted to collect personal information of youngsters under the age of 13 on the internet sites. Therefore, for the visitors under the age of 13, it is advised to get the approval of their parents for the e-mail address, which is compulsory to provide as a part of personal information that they would submit to complete the membership procedure.

Information Protection

TheOttomans does not store any personal information about the visitor on its website. The stored information completely consist of statistical data, which do not include any personal information. All the personal information is stored in a secure area. The credit card numbers are encrypted by using the latest e-commerce technology. TheOttomans uses data security systems. TheOttomans is included in the scope of security provided by the "Global Sign". The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system, used by TheOttomans meets the industrial standards, is the most reliable security system for the credit card transactions.

As a precaution, your credit card information is not stored in the system during the purchasing transactions.

For the transactions that would be performed through TheOttomans, after a certain stage, it would be requested to make a Member Login and to complete the transactions with the personal information. In case of using a shared computer, it is required to perform the logout operation after completing the transaction. Otherwise, TheOttomans would not be held responsible for the membership transactions or the purchased service, which may be performed by the third parties.

Except for the situations prohibited by laws and unless it is not stated during the registration, the information about the name or the address would not be shared with other organizations. In case a third party appeals to reveal the identity of the visitor by a case notification or by any other legal document, all the reasonable effort would be spent to inform the visitor about the situation by using the latest address information available in the files. In case either the contact information on the records is not up-to-date or it is not possible to make notification by other means, TheOttomans would not be held responsible in anyway.

In case of bankruptcy, appointment of a trustee or transfer of ownership in other ways, your contact information would be transferred to the successor.

TheOttomans always reserves its right to share your personal information with the official authorities, which are responsible for the public security, as they demand.

The Contents Provided and Other Website Links

The links of other websites may also exist on this website. TheOttomans would not be held responsible for the privacy policies, contents of these websites in addition to the privacy policies and applications of the third parties.

Visitor Relationships

TheOttomans would be held responsible for any kind of loss or damage caused by the failure, mistake, cancellation or delay of any activity as well as by a communication break or by a computer virus.

Intellectual Property Rights

TheOttomans hosts information and materials including texts, photographs, voices and music, which are subject to the copyrights, some of which belong to TheOttomans itself and some to the third parties. TheOttomans has the copyright as a work/compilation related to that content, information and materials. The visitor accepts that s/he has only the right to copy for personal use and cannot modify, copy, duplicate, publish, sell the content and materials without the written permission of TheOttomans or cannot help their use in an unlawful way. The Visitor also accepts that s/he would not use any kind of device, software or method for the purpose of interfering or of attempting to interfere the operations of TheOttomans.

The Visitor, by using this website, accepts that in case a dispute emerges related to the website, such dispute would be subject to the Laws of the Turkish Republic and be resolved according to these laws. TheOttomans continuously searches the latest and the best methods while trying to apply the efficient solutions to provide visitors with the security on the highest level possible.

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