Warranty and Returns

Payment with a credit card is possible. Visa, MasterCard is accepted. The tax, courier fee and the courier insurance fee are added to the product price during the Purchasing transaction. Such information can be seen by the BUYER on the invoice summary.

The BUYER has the right to return the product within seven (7) days after the delivery date of the product constituting the subject matter of the contract to the BUYER or the person/institution located at the address that the BUYER declared. For the use of the right of return, it is required that BKG must be informed within this period via fax, e-mail or telephone and that the product must be unused within the perspective of related article provisions. The BUYER cannot demand to return the product if s/he used the product in anyway. The BUYER is obliged to send the product in its original package and together with the gifts and accessories sent to the BUYER, if there is any. In case of the use of this right, it is required to return the copy of courier delivery record and the original copy of invoice showing that the product, which has previously been delivered to the third person or the BUYER, was sent to BKG. The product price would be refunded to the BUYER within seven (7) days after receiving these documents. The courier fee of the returned product would be paid by the BUYER.

During the refund transaction, in case the payment was made by credit card or similar payment means, the refunding would not be made in cash; the product price would be refunded to the credit card account, which was used during the purchasing transaction.

The BUYER cannot use the right of return for the goods, which are produced or changed or specialized by making additions so as to make those goods customized for personal use in accordance with the special requests and demands of the consumer, for the perishable goods or for the goods having the possibility of becoming expired due to its characteristics.

The BUYER may cancel the purchasing transaction. The cancelling operation must be performed during the weekday until 6 p.m. In case the product is already given to courier when the order is cancelled, the courier fee would be deducted from the refund money. The refund money would be deposited to the bank account, by which the BUYER has made the payment, within 15 days.

The purchased products are covered by the warranty of the courier firm until they are delivered. At the time of the delivery, in case the BUYER recognizes that the product is damaged, s/he should return it without taking the delivery. The products are not under the warranty of our firm once the product is delivered by the courier to the BUYER.